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portrait by Jess77712 portrait :iconjess77712:Jess77712 2 0 Portrait by Jess77712 Portrait :iconjess77712:Jess77712 1 0 What colour is the sky in your world? by Jess77712 What colour is the sky in your world? :iconjess77712:Jess77712 1 0
What is this life?
Stand looking at life
Straight in his eyes
Wait for good to arrive
Tough blow, cold as ice
Right in-front of me
Murders, collisions...
No way to break free
Blinding explosions
Rape, hate, you name it
Baby's in the trash
Mom's full-time bandit
Life weakens like mash
Those who used to care
Nowhere to be seen
Those left, would not dare
Help those who can't win
To even at pain flinch
To dare lend a hand
At terror to cringe
Though able to mend
Would shake off the dust
And straight onward march
For selves, save they must!
Others don't mean much
For self a great love
They have acquired
Love that's not enough
To care, to be shared
Self-love which forsakes
Father, mother, child
All things sour it makes
And all it turns wild
What life is this
In which all's not fair
What life is this?
In love all's unfair
What life is this
Where war we must bear?
What life is this
Where seen oft is death
What life is this
Where so scarce is mirth?
What life is this?
We hope, hold last breath.
What is this life?
:iconjess77712:Jess77712 1 0
Poem: Thief of Grace
You’re certainly missing out
Whilst you’re fooling about
And you’re swimming in doubt
So I shall certainly you out-rout
I’d advise you to be on the lookout
For I’m your rival, far more worthy a scout
Take heed or you’ll end up looking like a lout
All I can tell you for now is that you’re missing out
While you’re looking away
Twirling in relentless dismay
Your insolence successfully leads you astray
So He finds me in greater favour every day
Unlike you, I’m eloquent with words that gently sway
The God with whom for hours on exhausted knees I stay
‘Till the last hour of the night a dear prayer to say
With heartfelt sobs and a submissive heart I pray away
I whisper, “Dear God of mercy, show me your face
For I am a sinner in need of Your saving Grace
For years in meditation and supplication I’ll chase
The benedictions You bestow unto the winners of the race
The so-called ‘faithful’ ones who cautiously pace
:iconjess77712:Jess77712 1 0
My Weakness made perfect
As we have all come to know and accept
That within certain parameters we find ourselves trapped
It’s either you’re stuck with wearing pants to rule and impress
Or socially considered inferior and wearing a dress
Well, I for one, fortunately belong to the latter
However, at the excruciating sensation of being perpetually overlooked, I shudder
For I know my worth exceeds that of just another fine lady
A woman who ignores harsh Reality and hides behind a smile, looking dandy
A conformist, being looked down on by what is called a man
So from this awkward position of helplessness, to remove myself without delay is my plan
This feeling of constantly being emotionally and socially dormant
Exhausts me – utterly drains my energy, to be used as a dusty doormat
Then carelessly, I am cast into a sea of vulnerability
Viewed by society as a mere object of instability
I, being of greater value, will remove myself from behind Male’s shadow
For I refuse, the social norm of this
:iconjess77712:Jess77712 1 0
Poem:Not only will I touch the hem of your garment
I’m flabbergasted at how the streets are thronged
Could You be the one for whom twelve years I’ve longed?
Oh say, a Physician like no other before seen?
Different from the kind to where I had been?
Could Your timing have been more impeccable?
And Your approach be more unbelievable?
But I’ll undoubtedly put the last of my trust in You
I have much to lose, yes, indeed that’s true
But out of options I’ve finally run
And now even money, I truly have none
So I will find my way to your garment
So You can put an end to this bloody ailment
With an old blood-stained dress
I start out and on I press
I hurry through the deafeningly noisy crowd
Each one giving a careless, yet imploring shout
And it feels like You move further
With every step I take to get closer
“Please, if You are the Saviour”, I think,
“help me to press on, for I’m at the brink
Of breaking down, about to forfeit
I’m helplessly at the mercy of defeat.”
Not only wil
:iconjess77712:Jess77712 0 0
Dear Racist
You have your roots forgotten
Your perception's now rotten
Noticing oh so sudden
That brother's a great burden
No love for brother or sis
With contempt at them you hiss
And the sharpest point you miss
That racism can't bring bliss
People can be blue, black, white
I can name colours all night
But do remember alright
Only yourself you do fight
Because we all are on par
And you're left behind so far
Still your scars with spite you mar
Frowning at those black as tar
With the same hands, all God made
Watch as you do colours grade
Without love, away you'll fade
For we belong under one shade
:iconjess77712:Jess77712 1 2
Untitled by Jess77712 Untitled :iconjess77712:Jess77712 0 0 Love vanquishes, Hate relinquishes by Jess77712 Love vanquishes, Hate relinquishes :iconjess77712:Jess77712 0 0 Jess drawing LION-page-001 by Jess77712 Jess drawing LION-page-001 :iconjess77712:Jess77712 2 12 Drawing By Jess-page1 by Jess77712 Drawing By Jess-page1 :iconjess77712:Jess77712 0 0



Graphite drawing of portrait. Commissioned work.
What colour is the sky in your world?
One's world view/ perceptions matter. Each person sees things different. No one can see the world for you through your eyes or their eyes. Is it dull and grey? Colorful? Blank? Bright? Only you will see and only you will know. Is it tears? Is it laughter? Pessimism?
  • Listening to: my neighbours gossip
  • Reading: the words on the pc screen duh... in English
  • Watching: the pc screen
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: does air count?
  • Drinking: air? I don't know. But I wana drink lava, I think
So, people's lives are messed up. People suffering, manic, depressed and what have you. People have no food, no money, no hope. People want to give up on life. People looking for ways to escape. Art does not seem to be enough these days. Can't even lift a hand to draw or to read even anything, like, maybe I don't know, like the Bible? Motivational books? Or watch motivational stuff, like? People be me, myself, others (whose names I shall not mention) and I. Yeah, the three of us and others. Yeesh, meh, I say.


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